Thematic Working Groups

In line with the GFMD Operating Modalities, the Steering Group may create thematic follow up working groups (WGs). The objective is to take forward the policy insights and recommendations coming out of GFMD deliberations and translate these into more concrete outcomes in between GFMD Summit Meetings. The WGs consult with the GFMD Troika and the GFMD Steering Group to ensure that the WG activities are in line with the priorities of the Chairmanship and serve the general interest of the GFMD process. Group membership is on a voluntary basis and maintains regional balance. The WGs are also open to non-state partners, including the GFMD mechanisms (for civil society, business and mayors / local authorities) and international organizations that can offer relevant thematic expertise.


Current GFMD Working Groups

To respond to current and emerging events, and in line with the thematic priorities of the GFMD Chair-in-Office, there are currently two active GFMD Working Groups :

Previous GFMD Working Groups

  • Ad hoc Working Group on the Impacts of Covid-19 on Migrants, Migration and Development (2020-2022). The WG was set up in spring 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic was hitting communities around the globe with full force. The pandemic has had considerable impact on the lives of millions of people and put a strain on health systems worldwide; it has heavily impacted the lives of millions of migrants, who found themselves without jobs, stranded and with limited access to health care. The larger socio-economic effects of Covid-19 continue to be felt today. The WG brought together a multi-stakeholder community of states, local governments, businesses and civil society groups to share experiences and lessons learned with regards to the impact of Covid-19 on migrants, migration and development. During the Summit of the UAE in 2021, it presented a paper to show paths to strenthen multi-stakeholder dialogues in tackling Covid-19.
  • Working Group on 2030 Agenda and the GCM (2016-2019). The WG was created, according to the WG’s Terms of Reference in order to consider the best ways for the GFMD to support the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to contribute to the follow-up and review process. In addition to the Report produced at the end of 2016, this working group produced concrete and significant outcomes, specifically the GFMD Recommendations to the HLPF in 2017 and 2018 and the “Thematic Recollection 2007-2017”. In 2019, the WG was renamed as the “Working Group on Sustainable Development and International Migration.
  • Ad hoc Working Group on Communications (2015-2018).Recognizing that a sound communication strategy is of vital importance for an intergovernmental body like the GFMD, the objective of this WG, as per the WG’s Terms of Reference, was to assess the GFMD’s communication needs and the feasibility of adopting new ways for effective communication. After conducting a survey of the Forum’s communication needs, the WG presented its Report at the 2016 Dhaka Summit with short to long term recommendations on how to enhance GFMD communications. Most of the immediate recommendations have been implemented, and a GFMD communications strategy, completed in 2018, now serves as the basis of the GFMD communications plan.
  • Ad hoc Working Group on Protection and Empowerment of Migrants and the Ad hoc Working Group Policy Coherence, Data and Research (2008 – 2013). These two WGs were created with an aim to link GFMD recommendations to existing and forthcoming thematic priorities, and to encourage pilot activities.