Friends of the Forum

The Friends of the Forum (FOF) - is open to all Member States and some Observers of the UN. The FOF is also comprised of specialized agencies of the UN, international organizations, regional consultative processes and select non-government stakeholders on migration and development issues (see a list of GFMD Observers).

The FOF acts as a sounding board by ensuring all members and observers are informed of Forum-related developments, and advises on the agenda and structure of each meeting. It also discusses other issues of substance, such as those being dealt with by the GFMD Platform for Partnerships and preparatory meetings leading to the annual GFMD Summit.

Participation in the FOF is guided by the defining elements of the Global Forum – voluntary, informal and state-led. Active participation is encouraged to ensure broader ownership of the process. On average, around 130-150 countries attend the GFMD preparatory meetings and thematic workshops, as well as the annual GFMD Summit.

For more information see: The GFMD Friends of the Forum – Terms of Reference