The France GFMD 2022-2023 Chairmanship

From environmental concerns to cultural aspects of migration: adopting an inclusive approach to meet the challenges of and increase the opportunities for human mobility


In order to position the Forum’s discussions at the heart of the 21st century priorities, the France GFMD 2022-2023 Chair has chosen “the impact of climate change on human mobility” as its overarching topic. This thematic area is the central theme of the chairmanship and will be addressed with a cross-cutting approach through other thematic priorities. These encompass Human Rights of Migrants, Diaspora, Labour Migration, Migration Narratives and Culture, and Multi-Level Governance.

Themes and issues

The French Chair has developed an ambitious programme engaging all the Forum’s stakeholders, which include Member States, representatives of the GFMD Civil Society, Business and Mayor's Mechanisms, the Migration Youth and Children Platform, International Organizations, the GFMD working groups and Regional Consultative Processes (RCPs). The programme articulates the challenges and opportunities facing migration and development that will be the focus of discussions at the Forum.

The French Chair aims to promote the GFMD dialogue on an international level and ensure its long-term success. Convinced of the added value of knowledge-sharing, the Chair aims at creating and strengthening ties between the GFMD and other intergovernmental processes concerned with migration. Only in this way can we succeed together in meeting shared challenges and maximising the opportunities available to us all.

Programme and calendar

The culmination of the French Chair's efforts will be a high-level Summit scheduled for 22-26 January 2024. A year-long programme leading up to the Summit will encompass a series of thematic workshops and events. Notable milestones of the programme include:

Related Documents

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